Visitors Guide【English】

Thank you for booking our facility this time.

This is the surrounding information and points to note for those who use the dormitory.
It’s going to be a long sentence, but please check it out.

Accommodation space
Check-in 15:00~19:00
Check-out ~ 10:00

Coworking space, lounge, kitchen
On the day of check-in: 10:00~
On the day of check-out – 18:00

● How to enter

・Entering the building
Please access through the door on the right side facing the building and select to unlock.

PIN code is used to enter and exit the building.
*The PIN code will be sent to you individually by booking site’s chat or mail.

・Leaving the building
pleasepull down the lever on the door, the key will open.
When you close the door, the key will automatically close.

◯Room keys

The keys are placed in the key tray of each room. Please leave the key in the tray when you check out.

■Shared spaces on the 1st floor

You are free to use the first floor for work, cooking, etc. from 10:00 on the check-in day to 18:00 on the check-out day. ★For the sake of nearby residents and other guests’ peaceful sleep, lights out is at 22:00. Please spend time in your room after 22:00.

■About the accommodation space

The accommodation space is located behind the wooden door straight ahead while facing the kitchen to the right from the entrance. There is a shoe box on the bottom left of the door. Please take off your shoes and change into slippers before entering as shoes are strictly prohibited.

●Guest rooms

Please use the room assigned for your reservation.

ROOM 1 (TIME TRAVEL) Please proceed to the back of the 2nd floor.




Bed numbers are numbered from 4 to 9. The reservation person is different for each number.

Please refrain from using a different bed.

●Wi-Fi passwords

Wi-Fi password for the floor and 2nd floor

Password for the private room for video conferences
ID: booth_5G

●About restrooms

Shared spaces (separate for men and women)

Accommodation space
(shared by both men and women)
・Next to the shower room


▼Free Water server

■Paid Coffee, tea, soft drinks: 100 yen Organic soda: 500 yen

*Payment can be made in cash or through PayPay.

(Payment method)
Please fill in “name, product name, price, payment method” on the “purchase form” at the kitchen counter.

●How to use the coffee maker

Turn on the power → press button 1 (long coffee is displayed on the LCD) → press button 2.


● Garbage separation

This is an eco-friendly facility.
We aim to recycle garbage by sorting it.
Thank you for your cooperation.
There are trash cans inside the kitchen counter and under the coffee maker.

Requests for recycling.

・Wash and dry PET bottles, cans, bottles, and plastic waste before disposing of them in the trash can.
・Garbage goes into the compost inside the facility.
Please do not mix anything other than raw garbage.

●Using a washing machine

You can use it for 500 yen once for washing and drying.
Detergent will be used once with 5 push.

(Payment method)
Please fill in your name, product name, price, and payment method on the purchase form on the kitchen counter.

● Request

Please cooperate so that you can spend comfortably.

・1F is a coworking space. For long calls, please use a private room outdoors.
・As this is a quiet residential area, noise and parties after 21:00 are prohibited.
・Fire is strictly prohibited. Fireworks, bonfires, and smoking are strictly prohibited on the premises.
・We ask that the lights on the 1st floor be turned off at 22:00.

●Nearby information

nearest supermarket

OK Zushi
1-11-17 Zushi, Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture 249-0006
It’s cheap and has a wide selection.

3-3-19 Shinjuku, Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture 249-0007
10:00-19:00 Closed on Wednesdays
It’s a small store, but it’s close enough that it’s convenient for a little shopping.

coin laundry

coin laundry boohoo


For transportation, you can also use the share cycle service “Daichari”.

●Emergency Contact

★ AMIGO HOUSE Akira Okura

LINE or whats up